What is the difference between Use Cases and User Stories in agile development? Examples

Agile question

Use Case and User stories both are related to Requirement presentation but there is a small differences:

  1. Size
  2. Purpose (elicitation, order in backlog, clarification, estimation, …)
  3. Timewise the place when they are creatd in the project and/or product development (depending on the method used)
  4. Position in the requirements hierarchy (if there is one).


Use Case

A use case can be thought of as a collection of possible scenarios related to a particular goal, indeed, the use case and goal are sometimes considered to be synonymous. The main difference is that Use Cases are designed to get requirements elicited and recorded ahead of development (not necessarily *all* the requirements but enough to do a considerable depth of Analysis if required);

User Stories

User stories are small, much smaller than other usage requirement artifacts such as use cases. User Stories are designed to get the requirements «Just in Time» for development and record (on the «Card» part) just enough information to decide the sequence in which the stories will be addressed, who to have the «Conversation» with when its time comes, and what the conversation will be about.


  1. While transferring the money user can enter >Rs.100
  2. User should enter the 13 digits account number
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